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    Can't Telnet into HDR-FOX T2

    I'm trying to telnet onto my HDR-Fox T2 software ver.1.03.12 and I'm getting the connection refused message. I can FTP to it and use the media server to connect to my HD-Fox T2. I can Telnet to all the other telnet enabled devices on my network. Any Ideas
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    humax cxhd-5150c aka 7000i aka cxhd-5151

    Hello friends. There is a dvb-c device. Great device, but really need Telnet ))) I have latest firmware: this one: http s : // yadi.sk /d/Xn7AilHBjCX5m but humidify_1.0.2_i386 can't unpack it :( And I can't run v1.0.4 - becouse of i have not other humax devices, and this version does not run...