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hdr - fox t2

  1. M

    Hello - New to the HDR-FOX T2 Freeview

    Hi all, big question here.. I've just ordered my first ever HDR-FOX T2 from ebay... I considered buying one of these for a long time.. One of main reasons for purchasing is I want to record Freeview HD and keep it an play it elsewhere... What Firmware and What utlitilies do I need to...
  2. M

    Plex nvidia shield and .TS problems, question about container?

    I was wondering if anyone can help or experience with this? Plex on the nvidia shield only seems to recognise mpeg, h264 and h265 files. It doesn't like the .TS container. Does anyone have any suggestions about an appropriate container switch, and what's the simplest (batch) method to do this...
  3. Ross

    Dedup is stripping the titles of my films

    [originally misposted in the FOXSAT forum, because I'm tired and stupid] Hi. I wonder if anyone can help with the following mystery. I have sweeper installed with the following rules: # Remove New_ prefix. recurse 1 filename New_* action {renamefile {%orig%regsub,New_\s*,,}} # Remove New...
  4. L

    Hard drive possibly dead

    My machine became very slow and unresponsive recently and today I received an email from the Hummypkg Remote Scheduling app to say that the hard disk had errors. I managed to log in to Webif and run a diagnostic on the hard disk. There's a screenshot on the link below...
  5. L

    Is the HDR-FOX T2 right for me?

    At present I am viewing SD courtesy of TalkTalk through their Huawei HG633 router and recording on the Huawei DN372T connected to my old CRT telly by Scart. The telly has a spare Scart. I am happy with this apart from having run out of storage on the box and I also possibly would like to back...
  6. I

    Decrypting High def

    Hi I`m having a head scratching moment.... My goal is to stream by DLNA to my android tablet (or iphone or pc) all my recordings on my HDR-fox t2. So far I have - 1) successfully installed the custom firmware to my humax 2) successfully installed the web-if 3) downloaded the package...
  7. R

    DLNA display more than just the name

    Hi All, Is there a way, via the normal DLNA server my Humax HDR Fox T2 offers or Mediatomb to display more than just the name (that I presume if from some sort of metadata stored in the file header). For instance I record programs from the radio but when navigating through the Audio section of...
  8. S

    problem with my HDR - Fox T2 seeing the Modified Firmware

    I am having known problems '* Deleting' message permanently and I want to use the Fix Disk Utility built into Custom Firmware 2.12. I have followed the instruction, they are not complicated, but having problem with my HDR - Fox T2 seeing the Modified Firmware file "DR_FOX_T2_Upgrade.hdf"...