[Solved] Streaming PVR to tv via fire stick - the content never stops


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Complete random question..

I watch the content of the HDR FOX T2 with custom firmware on my Panasonic tv via a fire stick using the VIMU media viewer app (the only one I got to work with the .TS files).

when I stop playing content, the PVR still thinks it’s playing and I can sometimes see 5-6+ Shows playing through the PVR(seen through the web browser) and have to do a hard reboot which I don’t like doing.
Any ideas?
It doesn't seem random at all.

Which network protocol are you using? NFS/SMB? (I don't think DLNA streaming shows as Playing in the released status script.)

It seems like the VIMU app is failing to close the .ts file, which is what would lead the status script to report the file as Playing. If the FireStick has a way of forcing VIMU to quit, that might make the previously played files show as closed. Or you might report the issue to the developer.
Thanks again df, I’ve sent the VIMU app developers a note.
I’ll can’t tell which protocol is user by the app looking through the settings.

it states .... Player uses standard protocols like SMB (Windows sharing), UPnP/DLNA and NFS.

Do you know of an alternative player that works with the Humax .yes files

I expect that VLC, which seems to be available for Fire/Android, will do the job. The UI may not be up to much if it's anything like the desktop version.

You will know which protocol is being used since you must have set up SMB or NFS on the Humax to be able to use either of those. If you didn't, it's DLNA.
To complete this thread.

I played with the settings and turned the two below off, after which it worked ie ending a show on VIMU, meant the Humax stopped showing it as playing.

Change display to ultra HD - off
Always use software decoding - off