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  1. Matthew

    Is the BBC re-using series CRID's very quickly?

    The series Watership Down (Broadcast 22/23 December 2018) was recorded and then not deleted from the schedule, now I find the box is recording Wanted Down Under based on the same scheduled item! The CRID is SCRID:/X48O83 Is this usual? why would the BBC re-use a CRID so quickly?
  2. R

    MP3 (layer 3) auto extract

    Hi All, I finally bit the bullet and changed the 'Audio extraction type' setting in the webif settings page to MPEG-1 Layer III (MP3) as although I'd managed to get my Android to convert in situ (using BubbleUPnP) and then cast to my Chrome Cast Audio it was rather a drainer on the battery...
  3. S

    Twonky 7 crashing Humax - how to fix

    Following information on the wiki hummy tv FAQ webpage which details possible crashes of the humax because of Twonky 7 on one of my network devices; I can't link to it due to the low number of posts i've made. I was not sure how to put the file detailed in the FAQ into the MOD folder on the...
  4. R

    Monitor Network Usage for Longer

    Hi All, Is there a way to view network usage for more than one month in the system monitoring page of Webif? eg a year? I believe the package is sysmon that is doing the business but I'm not sure if anyone else has previously suggested / requested a length of time greater than a month -...