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    Question about network settings.

    Hi guys, I changed my network address a while ago for a few minutes and then changed it back - since then part of the humax box took the subnet settings and wont give them up - shown in the images below- the requests fail because the address no longer exists. I've narrowed it down to MediaTomb...
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    Mediatomb iconv: no such file or directory

    Hi All, I was just looking through Mediatomb and re-registering my folders that I wanted to see in the database and the My Music folder was giving me this error when ever I click on it. I tried Chrome and IE but both were giving the same error. Can anyone shine any light on this? Is it a...
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    Mediatomb convert to wav on the fly and stream to Chromecast Audio

    Hi All, I've got a number of Chromecast Audio devices setup at home and would like to play the radio recordings (MP3 layer 2 I'm afraid!) from my HDR Fox T2. CC Audio units are limited to MP3 layer 3 (not loayer 2), Frac, WAV and a few other formats I think. I understand that to convert to...