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    PC not able to open Humax folder on network

    My Hummy shows up in my computers network, but when I try and open the folder I get a message "HUMAX is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find if you have access permissions. The network address is invalid."...
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    New PC, Humax not showing in Windows Explorer

    I have two HDR FOX T2's running customised firmware. They were both showing in Windows Explorer on my old PC and I was able to copy files to/from them with no problems. I've recently replaced that PC with a work laptop, and can't see them in Windows Explorer anymore. I haven't changed...
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    HDR-FOX T2 no longer visible to Windows network following HDD replacement

    Recently, my HDR-FOX T2 informed me that the internal 500Gb HDD was showing signs of failing, so I bought a shiny new Seagate Pipeline 1Tb to replace it with. Installed the new drive without problem, configured the web IF as previously, copied the data over from the old drive; job done - or so I...