1. ChrisDaniels

    Sweeper - is arithmetic possible?

    Hi all Its been quite a while since I've been here, but my hummy is still up and running and in daily use! I've only recently started using Sweeper - mainly for my little boys recordings of Peter Rabbit, PJ Masks & Paw Patrol so we bin off duplicates, but also see the title of each episode in...
  2. Ross

    Dedup is stripping the titles of my films

    [originally misposted in the FOXSAT forum, because I'm tired and stupid] Hi. I wonder if anyone can help with the following mystery. I have sweeper installed with the following rules: # Remove New_ prefix. recurse 1 filename New_* action {renamefile {%orig%regsub,New_\s*,,}} # Remove New...
  3. boris

    [sweeper] Can anyone post a couple of examples pls for "fileexists".

    I want to find a programme with the same title (not filename) in another folder, specifically. Thank you.