Sweeper - is arithmetic possible?


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Hi all

Its been quite a while since I've been here, but my hummy is still up and running and in daily use!

I've only recently started using Sweeper - mainly for my little boys recordings of Peter Rabbit, PJ Masks & Paw Patrol so we bin off duplicates, but also see the title of each episode in the Title name so that when he demands to watch the episode with Big Hairy (!) we can find it easily.

I've now come across a problem - not with Sweeper per se, but with Ch5 broadcasting the wrong episode number for Paw Patrol which then messes up the TVDB scraper so that the episodes are named incorrectly.. it seems to be about 3 episode numbers out.. so rather than badger ch5 to fix their problem (which they will probably just ignore), I thought I would try and fix it through Sweeper by increasing the episode number and then running the TVDB scrape.

But I cant figure out how to increase the episode number - I was thinking along the lines of a regsub and %episode +3, but it appears that no matter what I try, it just passes the string through so that %episode +3 literally becomes the string '7+3' where 7 is the current episode number.

Am I missing something? I cant see this type of scenario listed on the wiki or on the forum.
Does it require a new Variable type adding in to Sweeper?


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Does the broadcast synopsis include the episode title?
I have found it more reliable to use standard dedup without TVDB


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Ignore this.. I’ve done some more digging and most of the synopsis are wrong too. And there is no consistency in their episode numbering errors..