1. R

    Resurrecting Subtitles after Copy/Move to USB/Hard Drive

    I have a Humax fvp5000t but I hope this should work for older models too. You've Copied or Moved a programme to your USB stick or Hard Drive and some time later you'd like to watch it again with the Subtitles still intact ... do this: 1) Make sure that the programme files are in THE EXACT SAME...
  2. D

    Transfer Recordings To Pc and Second 1800t.

    Long story short but SD recordings would transfer onto my computer and onto my second 1800t without any problems and all of a sudden none of my programs are working at all, im not a specky person so if there are tehcnical parts please breakdown into a easier way of explaining, when i try and...
  3. Greatstuff

    USB drive format - NTFS or FAT32?

    While FAT32 works fine, the size of the files is limited. I have an 8Gb drive and it allows me to transfer programmes from the unit (whether SD or HD, the latter after being Foxy'd) However, I have an NTFS-formatted USB drive (64Gb) and while I can transfer recordings to it, they just won't...
  4. MontysEvilTwin

    Compatible USB Sticks

    I recently bought a couple of Toshiba TransMemory U202 USB sticks (16GB) see here. I had no problems updating the firmware of several HDR-FOX units with these. Thought I'd post about this in case anyone is looking for an inexpensive USB stick of known compatibility.
  5. R

    NTFS formatted USB stick

    Hi all. I have a 30 gb USB stick formatted as NTFS and it could be read on my HDR. I then had to format the stick to use a different file system. Afterwards, I formatted it back to NTFS and now the Humax cannot read the stick. If I plug in or unplug the stick, it notifies me of this on TV but I...
  6. P

    Ejecting a usb key drive

    I've only just bought my HDR2000T so I'm not familiar with all the options. I want to be able to copy some (SD) programs to a usb key drive, do I need to eject the drive when copying is finished, if so, how?