windows 10

  1. Dave F.

    Win10 Pro media server Any idea why am I now unable to copy/delete files (I was previously)

    Hi This isn't a direct Humax question so I've posted it here. I'm hoping someone might have had the same problem and found solution. I'm trying to regain copy/delete access to Win10's DLNA media server I've set up on my PC. After initially creating it I was able to copy files to it & delete...
  2. P

    New PC, Humax not showing in Windows Explorer

    I have two HDR FOX T2's running customised firmware. They were both showing in Windows Explorer on my old PC and I was able to copy files to/from them with no problems. I've recently replaced that PC with a work laptop, and can't see them in Windows Explorer anymore. I haven't changed...
  3. D

    Windoze 10 update

    I was feeling quite pleased. My larger laplet accepted the update and everything was fine. I then did my wife's laptop without incident. Then I came to my small laplet, a 10" screen tablet with 64Gb SD and detachable keyboard. Computer says no. I usually got the same error code, but Microsoft...
  4. T

    Windows 10 Media Server and the Humax - MP4a & MP3s

    Recently took the plunge to update from Vista to Windows 7 to Windows 10 whilst that offer is available (on the last bit). Fans of the old media player on Windows know that it use to work reasonably well with the Humax on DNLA playing renamed M4a to MP3 from get iplayer [Ezra's tip] and indeed...
  5. MontysEvilTwin

    SMB shares on Windows 10

    I took the plunge and installed Windows 10 on one of my laptops. I found that the SMB shares on my HDR-FOX units were no longer accessible on the laptop after the upgrade. At first I was worried that it was a problem with the version of Samba on the HDR-FOX. It isn't that, thankfully, but...