Windows 10 Media Server and the Humax - MP4a & MP3s


Recently took the plunge to update from Vista to Windows 7 to Windows 10 whilst that offer is available (on the last bit). Fans of the old media player on Windows know that it use to work reasonably well with the Humax on DNLA playing renamed M4a to MP3 from get iplayer [Ezra's tip] and indeed playing MP3 without too much trouble.

Enabling the media server on Windows 10 on my laptop to share with the Humax produces a very bumpy result with navigation from the Humax jump and stopping, screen refreshing as you go through directories locating the music file taking ageis. On the MP4a renamed side to MP3 it seemed only to play the first 5 seconds, on the MP3 side a bit hit and miss.

Are other people finding the Windows 10 Media Server a bit problematic with the Humax and that old M4a rename trick that I was told about here has stopped working ?. Failing that do I need to provide some loving care to some parameters I haven't found yet that makes it work.

I'm thinking whether I should put Serviio on the laptop which is where I do the audio downloads. I use Serviio on the office computer on may music library. Another useful bit of advice that does the M4a transcoding to MP3 on the fly [Martin's tip].

Suggestions, solutions welcome.
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Will rely to myself :)

Serviio 5.2 is fine in Windows 10 for using with the Humax and get iplayer stuff. Windows 10 didn't like version 6.0.

On the Humax the DNLA Serviio server works the same as the old Windows Media Player did, it plays the renamed M4a files to MP3 as if they are M4a.