1.02.07 Release Notes available


They have now been posted on the Humax site:

Application: 1.02.07
- Humax TV Portal enabled
- iPlayer
- Internet Radio
- Wiki@TV
- Flickr
- Audio Drop out on HD programmes resolved
- HDMI > DVI improvements
- Back button returns to previously viewed channel (when i-plate is on screen)
- WiFi Support (Humax Dongle to be available from www.humaxdirect.co.uk)
- Background Copy
- Background Delete

- View more episodes for a Series in the Schedule list by pressing the Right Arrow
- FTP Server > Switch this option ON in the Internet Settings menu)
- Username: humaxftp / Password: 0000
- FTP is available for Backup purposes only
- All content transfered from the product via FTP will be encrypted and you are only able to playback on the product when copied back on, or via USB
- Auto Delete function - oldest files will be removed; Lock files so they are not Auto Deleted.
- Auto Delete is switched OFF as Default
- To enable Auto Delete go to Menu > Preferences > Recording > Auto Delete
- Allow selection of Multiple Folders for copy/move/delete
- Trailer Booking (Green button "Book Me" prompt will appear on screen)
- BBC and Channel 4 currently broadcasting info for Trailer Booking.
- SMS Input supported
- Power Saving in Standby option included in Installation Wizard
Doesn't make any sense to me either but I suppose it another broadcaster requirement that Humax has agreed to..
What they don't seem to realise is that I can plug a TB external hdd in via USB and get the SD material unencrypted anyway.. Crazy..

There are ways around the HD encryption too, just not had any time to mess around with it yet.
Well I've asked on the recent Facebook entry. Hopefully I'll get an answer.

(just thought - by posting on the Facebook site, I'm actually revealing my true identity!)