1100s problem


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Just bought an 1100s freesat recorder and it's playing funny games,
I'm watching 'Taboo' on iplayer and every few minutes it suddenly switches to another programme like 'Casualty'. At the same time the info bar still shows 'Taboo'.
I also have a Firestick which I switched over to and there's no problem with that.
Anyone had this problem?
Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the reply, but no it can't be that. If the source switched so would the info bar. I'm seeing the other programme but the info bar still says 'Taboo'
Because of that I can't even be sure what the other programme is. It looks like Casualty but I'm not certain.
Another problem I'm getting with this box is that when watching catchup it often goes into buffering mode followed by an error - 'There was a problem playing this programme' etc, etc.
I don't get signal problems here. The Firestick never does this.
I don't get signal problems here. The Firestick never does this.
Catch up services use the internet and your WiFi (unless you've got a wired Ethernet to the box), so it could be a 'signal'problem.
The antenna are inside the box, so depending on the strength of your WiFi in that location, the orientation of the 1100 and Firestick, how good the WiFi systems in each are, and who/what else is using the WiFi at the time, you might well see some difference in performance.

Which info bar are you talking about? If it's on the 1100 then Graham's suggestion is still valid - the box is still playing Taboo but the tv is showing content from another source, like it's own tuner.

Please don't discount any suggestions at this stage. You have given almost no information about your set up, so there may be something involved that we don't even know exists yet. Please tell us what tv it is and everything that is connected to it and how, especially chains.
Thank you for replying.
I have an Acoustic Solutions TV non smart. I have a Firestick and the Humax connected directly. I have no aerial connection. No chains.
The info bar I refer to is the Humax one. There is no other source in can switch to as far as I can see as the Firestick is not running when I get this problem.
In addition to WiFi I have an Ethernet connection via the mains. It doesn't make any discernible difference whether the Ethernet is connected or not.
OK. Some ideas, possibly unlikely but need to at least be considered and maybe tested just to be sure.
If you are in a strong signal area the tv might still get enough signal to show a programme. Is that definitely a no?
It might be worth unplugging the firestick to see if that makes a difference.
Before watching a catch up set the box to an unusual channel/programme (like e4) so you can tell if the interrupting programme is the one the box is 'watching' in the background.

As I understand it these services are actually provided via Humax servers, not directly as you'd get them on a computer for example. In that case it's possible it's not even your system that is wonky. Once all local possible issues have been discounted it will be worth contacting Humax as at that point it would seem a faulty box or provided service is the problem. (And if the problem magically disappears at some point I'd suspect the latter :) )