1channel Add-on possible on Humax??


Hi folks,

I only recently came across this add-on on XBMC for ATV2 and I have to say its pretty awesome!

The other night I realised it was also available for enigma2 boxes and although it is still in early development it still works quite well.

Does anyone know if 1channel could be added to the custom portal on the HDR-Fox T2 or if it already has been?

Never heard of it sorry.

Unfortunately, its not just a case of linking to a new site, we have to build the navigation too which nobody has the time to do.
All the sites on the portal so far have been built by Humax engineers.

Ian (Author of the Xtra Portal), is also struggling with free time at the moment, but may be along in a few weeks.
Cheers Chris!

Basically it links into the website www.1channel.tv and gives you access to thousands of on demand movies and tv shows streamed via the receiver!

The addon on ATV2 actually downloads the artwork also when you are browsing the available movies etc.

It is really neat and the quality of the streams are really good and I only have a miserable 3mb broadband. I reckon adding this to the humax if possible would be a massive plus point for it...

Sounds fairly illegal (if the movies/tv shows are rips), so we could end up building something that is shut down within a matter of weeks.

I use iMediaShare from my iPhone over DNLA to the box to stream stuff (its got quite a few channels now) - you might want to have a look at something like that.
Yeah, I'm not sure if the streams are rips or what they are! If they are legit and because they are only being streamed then don't think that is illegal.. Not sure though!

I will check out iMediaShare also, cheers!
Yes they are all dodgy illegal movies of varying quality, did not realise that site was back up it got shut down ages ago. Only know of it as a colleague at work showed it to me as he used to watch it when on lates at work.
I was working on a mod for the xtra portal that would allow you to add links yourself onto the spare button. However I too am stuck for time for atleast the next two weeks, and have not done anything more on it for at least the last month or so.

The benefit of this would be that people could add their own links to legit or otherwise sites without anybody else getting implicated in it - i doubt allowing people to add a url will be considered aiding and abetting as otherwise anybody that makes a browser would be done for it as well. - Not that I'm condoning illegal activity in any form.

If nobody else gets there before I do, i'll try and work on this again as soon as I get some free time (if I do!)
That's good James, but it will have to be direct links as the navigation won't work (unless you've thought of that)
No I hadn't, but i was not doing it directly for this, but so that I could try other things like my media servers PHP based media browsing system etc. I just throught it could be used to help this chap out as well. As for the issues direclty related to this site I'm not even going to try as I have no use for it.