1s blackouts BBC Breakfast

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I've had my HDR-FOX T2 for some time now, but only recently has it started blacking out for about 1s when the news broadcast on something like BBC Breakfast switches to local news and back.

Longer term we have had problems when the whole feed is blank (either black screen or green or partial green), this we have to resolve by powering off at the back of the Humax for a couple of seconds, then back on. Sometimes we have to do this three or four times. It's very inconvenient, especially if the Humax is recording at the time.

We're connected to a Samsung TV via HDMI.

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I regret to say this sounds like your HDMI interface is packing up, but there is at least a slim chance it is the TV end playing up rather than the Humax.

Things you can try:
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