2 FOXSAT-HDR on the same network with NAS?

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I am considering buying 2 FOXSAT-HDR (one for upstairs and one for downstairs). I have 2 satellite cables at each location and also a home network with an available Ethernet port at each location.

I've searched and can't find a definite answer to these questions anywhere...

1) Would the 2 recorders be able to see and play content from each other?
2) Would the 2 recorders be able to see and play content (in the correct format) from a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that is connected to the same network?

Thank you for your time...
With the custom firmware SD recordings can be streamed to a DNLA compliant device but not Foxsat to Foxsat. Non native video can only be played back by creating the two support files that are needed by the box. (AV2HDR).

The new G2 Humax box available end of the month is likely to be able to do both of your requirements. Humax HDR-1000s. Now on show at the ibc show.
Hi Graham,
Thanks for such a quick response, Ive had a look at the box that you are refering to just now and that looks like it will do just the job. I'll wait whilst it is released. The line in the description:
"The recorder can also be configured as a client or server device on your home network to facilitate streaming content from other DLNA devices" seems to show it will.
Thanks again for your help...