2 humax T2's One in each country

OK People, I rang Synology tech support today. Just talked to a guy without having to log a support call or anything. The guy seemed to know his stuff and I asked them about a solution.
In short I said;

UK - Humax HDR T2, synology 1900ac wireless router
Fuerteventura - Humax HD2 T2, Synology NAS 1515+

They said install their VPN app on both devices and create a peer to peer VPN connection using the OpenVPN option as its more secure than some others. They said to use their free Dynamic DNS service.

So on Friday, Im going to look at tutorials and see how i go.

erne - Thanks for your proof of concept. Given my internet speeds will be 30MB upload and ~5-7Mb download this too could work. Given my Samsung Smart TV has a Plex App,(that will be in Fuerteventura) again this could be a viable option in some use cases,
It's difficult to see how a software product can be life-threatening, unless it is in charge of heavy machinery or a life support system ;)
It's the hardware not the software. More specifically in some cases the SMPSU. Didn't you read the article?:eek:
Are you missing the point or being deliberately obtuse here BH? It's the unbranded hardware on which the software is running that's the problem, not the software.
If post 22 wasn't a comment on the free-ness of Kodi in particular (which presumably the OP has in mind to try installing as a server on his NAS), then it was just a random post apropos to nothing.

Is it me who has the wrong end of the stick?
Because post 22 was pointing out the general possible pitfalls of using unbranded boxes with Kodi installed, not necessarily the use of Kodi per se.
Hi All - I've been watching this thread with interest since we spend several months each year in Greece, and at the moment I just copy off programmes which we potentially might like to watch when - on those rare occasions - the weather is too inclement to venture to the Kafenions or we've had enough of Ouzo Meze for an evening ! Then I play them from a media player to a TV in Greece.

I would like at some stage like to access live TV or Catch Up, rather than just controlling what records using the brilliant Remote Scheduling you guys have developed. Someone mentioned SlingBox earlier on, and I would just like to know if I understood correctly that I can use that to access not only live programmes on the Humax or TV in the UK, but also transfer files from the Humax to Greece. Both ends have good quality Broadband (Greece is actually better than Wiltshire!)

I've been looking at the SlingBox website and the newer PRO HD says it has a DVB-tuner on board

Usage would not be great, since Greek sun, cool beer and Ouzo by the harbour is much more entertaining most of the time than UK TV !
The original Slingbox provided an Internet accessible interface to send remote control signals to your AV kit and then digitise the resulting AV output for streaming to the Internet. That's the broad principle, but now there are HDMI outputs from AV kit there is less need to digitise analogue video, and the latest Slingbox units have additional capability.

But yes: with a HDR-FOX connected to a Slingbox, it should be possible to do everything you would normally do... but from a distance.
Off to look into how to do the same via Kodi which of course is free

I was a tad uneasy about using the "Kodi" word as unfortunately it has the reputation to be the conduit for nefarious activity
I have a raspberry Pi with LibreELEC - Just enough OS for Kodi running on it
I have a DVB-T tuner plugged in that runs on TVheadend backend and I can use TVH front end clients or Kodi to watch and record TV from any iPad, tablet, PC/Mac or TV in the house
Fully legal and above board and pretty great from low cost raspberry Pi hardware
Thanks for starting the discussion Ian and sorry if I hijacked a bit of it
Ok, im back with a working solution. Simple, but it has its issues.

1. I bought an Amplifi HD with a teleport VPN (great piece of kit ...mesh wifi with a wireless plug in vpn LAN for attaching to your home network when you are in a hotel room or elsewhere outside of you home LAN. It create its own wifi ssid of which you connect your devices in your hotel room to it. It also has an rj45 connection, so this is how i plug in my Humax in the uk. In my mate's loft !)

2. Had custom firmware on both boxes. One in Uk and one in Fuerteventura where i now live.
3. UK HDR T2 uses Freeview
4. Made static IP addresses of both boxes
5. Installed foxlink (which uses NFS ?) custom firmware app

With upload speed in the uk of now 60mb and 300 down it still takes an age to copy files. My Fuerteventura internet speed is comparitavely naff at 12 down and 0.8 up. So my bottleneck is my 12 down in Fuerteventura as i am using the 60mb upload in the uk but using my 12mb download in Fuerteventura. (The 12mb down is not the issue though, as netflix 4k, Amazon and youtube 4k works great) Is this just the way the NFS protocol works ? Probably was not designed for streaming back in the 70's !

So my Fuerteventura HDR T2 can just about stream SD files from the UK T2 but it can't do HD. Anyway that's just an FYI

However, that was not my initial intention.
The problem i have is that the recordings are virtually always corrupt, so detectads does not do its job properly.?? They are corrupt before detectads gets a hold of it.
I also get zero length recordings with the logs saying failed to record.
I have also reset the custom firmware and also gone into maintenance mode and run a fixdisk (read somewhere that you could reduce pixelisation if the hdd was sound)

The mux info shows signal quality being 100 and around 70 for strength...
Also i have uninstalled detectads on the uk humax, and will opt to run it on the Fuerteventura humax once copied. Thats just to eliminate load and possible hdd write issues.

Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
My end goal, is to obviously have good quality recording but also have the recording automatically moved from one humax to another. But thats via crontab maybe and a whole load of checks using the inuse app? But that's for another post probably..

So close and yet so far !

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  • Has your (OP's) mate been in the loft with a TV to check what the programmes look like?
  • Have you tried youtube-dl on your UK box and transmitted a resulting .mp4 correctly?
No to the youtube, but i have copied over some mp4 files (music) and they have worked perfectly

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Ok and yes my friend (in the uk) has moved the humax and he watches tv through it and never has any signal problems which is odd.
Signal strength is the same btw.
We spoke earlier and he said he had a bi directional booster/signal amplifier, which i have never heard of before.
Anyway, he turned the booster off . Signal quality is 100 and strength is about 70 percent.
I will see how this goes.
Thanks for the reply

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