2000T Noisy HDD

Tara Smith

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Decided to retire my 9200 as it was showing signs of failing and replace it with a newer model. The reviews for the latest offerings from Humax were pretty dire, so went for the HDR-2000T. Setting it up and operating it are absolutely fine (very similar to my other Hummy, a Fox T2).

However, it has one major issue - a very noisy HDD. When recording, there is a distinct noise while writing to the HDD. It sounds a bit like a rattling noise - not the fan noise, guessing it's the disk drive mechanism. It's very different to the fan/disk spinning noise coming from the Fox T2 & the 9200 - these are low-level and constant, which you can only hear if within a metre of so of the box. The noise from the 2000T is very audible as you enter the room and we've had to turn the volume on the TV up a notch to compensate for it during quiet speech.

Is this normal for the 2000T?

I'm hoping the answer is no so that I can send it back for a replacement (as it's within 30 days of purchase).


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Both HDR-2000Ts I've used were/are so quiet I could barely hear either when I put my ear to the case.

When you look in through the fan slots at the back can you see any sign of a fan or the wires of the fan?
Some of the later units are minus the fan and the HDD dampening chassis.
Some drives are also just noisier than others of the the same make and model and it's a matter of luck.

If it is new and easily returnable I'd personally take it back and see if you're luckier on the replacement.


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Is this normal for the 2000T?
Our early HDR-2000T is quiet but at some point in the production run Humax appear to have changed the hard drive mounting arrangement and reports suggest that current production models are often noisier. If it is a concern for you then take it back and buy something else.


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Try mounting it on a soft surface to eliminate vibration through what it's mounted on. If that quietens it up then get some soft mounting feet from Quiet PC. (other suppliers are available)

Tara Smith

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Thanks for the replies.
Looking at the back of the unit, there's no fan visible through the slots. The only wires are in a red sleeve about 3cm back from the slots - these look like they are going directly into the hdd. Seems like I've got one of the "new improved" noisier versions.
Will try with softer mounting, but a replacement or refund is looking very likely.