2TiB hdd formats but has 250GB of Reserved Space


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Humax T2 firmware 1.02.32 (kernel HDR_1.03.12)

Finally took the decision to try a 2TiB hdd.

Humax found hdd and formatted without any problems. However, 250GB was allocated as 'Reserved Space'!

I was expecting a few gigabytes to be reserved to by used by the Hummy, but 250GB?

A potential 2TiB of recording space has been reduced to a reported 1.78TiB.

My question is can I simply remove hdd from Hummy, attach to laptop and use a partition program to reduce the Reserved Space. If so, can I simply pick a size of Reserved Space or are there other things to take account of (I read some instructions that suggested partition sizes, measured in sectors, should be a factor of 8)

Any advice appreciated.




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It's just a fudge to make the numbers 'right'. There's a thread about it somewhere. The space isn't really reserved. Just ignore it.


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It lists the reserved space size under the humax hdd menu.. I checked mine earlier (also 2tb) and it showed around 217gb reserved..

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Humax use the Reserved Size to hide the difference between the disk manufacturer's size in GB and the free space in GiB.

A 2TB drive is 2 * 1000^4 bytes (disk manufacturers use 1000-based prefixes).
A 2 Tebibyte(TiB) is 2 * 1024^4 bytes. The custom firmware web interface displays sizes using these units (hence the extra i in TiB)

Converting the 2 TB disk size into GiB - 2000^4 / 2048^3 =1862GiB
Additionally there is really some reserved space for non-video partitions and the time shift record buffer

If you want more information, have a read through http://hummy.tv/forum/threads/insufficient-disk-space-for-what.5097/

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I think it is a presumption that's what Humax have done, but it seems to fit. That's what I meant about the "reserved space" - whether it was found in a proper examination or just hearsay.


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Thanks for the prompt and informative responses.

When I was at university all storage was measured as 1024^n but now there is a tebibyte and a teribyte!
Thank you af123 for explaining everything.
Thank you prpr for "it's a fudge, ignore it" as I can now move on and begin moving recordings from old 500gb (or is that gib) drive.

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Computer-wise it still is, but marketing people came up with the ruse of using decimal multipliers as a way to make their drives seem bigger than they really are, so now to avoid ambiguity the "i" suffix denotes powers of 1024.


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I can't understand that. A byte is 8 bits etc. So why should the tried and tested binary system have to swap their names about when it's the base 10 people who decided to screw up the system to make it 'sound bigger'.
Having said that, I suppose that kilo =1000 and mega = 1000000, so it was the stupid binary people who screwed it all up by approximating 1024 to kilo etc.
And don't ever forget the yobibyte. Sounds like a guitar that Dave Hill plays.


You do seem to end up with slightly less recording capacity by letting the humax partition the drive rather than follow the partitioning guide af123 wrote. I followed the guide on my first 2tb drive and it reported 1.8tb free. My replacement drive I let the humax do and it reports 1.78tb free.

I don't think 0.02tb is worth the hassle to be honest :)