3 new HD channels?

Ezra Pound

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I have just carried out an auto scan on the HDR Fox T2 (something I don't do very often) and discovered 3 new (to me) HD channels, not sure how long they have been available, the new channels are 109 Community HD, 110 Channel 4 + 1 HD and 111 4Seven HD

Could its HD status be a result of Sky trying to maximize the number of HD channels it broadcasts?
It does sound a bit like french radio stations being forced to transmit a certain number of hours per day of records recorded in french, they got around this by transmitting the less popular french songs at 3am in the morning
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Why the hell is it so crap?
I was flicking through earlier and watched a couple of minutes. Someone was spit-roasting a whole pig somewhere in southern Europe (none of that was a euphemism). I know little more about the channel because of this but I could really fancy a pork bap:)