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Thought I'd better check for any package upgrades this morning, and there were three, but didn't take much notice as to what they were.

However, whilst the second (I think) upgrade was in progress, a window opened and reported '500 Internal Server Error'.

Now I can't access the FOX HDR T2 via my local network anymore. As soon as I enter the URL it immediately reports '500 Internal Error'.

Any help much appreciated. I can still operate and control the HDR using the remote.

I'm on V3.00 firmware, and will I have to try re-installing it? I see the latest is 3.13.

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I'm on V3.00 firmware, and will I have to try re-installing it? I see the latest is 3.13.
No need to reinstall to sort out this problem, as you would know if you read even recent threads. Keeping up-to-date with the latest firmware is always best as the custom firmware is relatively independent of the actual WebIF and packages, and updates include better diagnostics and repair.

1. Update to CF3.13. This won't cure the problem in itself, but I can't say whether the next step is possible on 3.00.

2. See https://hummy.tv/forum/threads/cant-connect-via-webif.9609/


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Many thanks for your help. Running 'Telnet' - I simply used the the Microsoft Windows version - allowed me to run 'Fixweb', and it's all back working.

Sorry, I should have looked through the recent threads as you suggested, but was a bit desperate to find out if I had really messed up on something that has been working flawlessly over recent years.

Thanks again, and the next time I have an issue I will spend more time going through already posted threads before asking for help.

Guess now is as good a time as any to upgrade to V3.13 😉.