8nn stations


Whenever I do an automatic scan I end up with many stations in the 8nn range. In the past I have surmounted this by creating a custom Group and allocating the strongest to it. Obviously, it's not the best solution. And looking in the Wiki it states :-

How do I remove Channel Duplicates?

If you have channel numbers above 799 they need to be removed, these channels are duplicates and have been allocated their 800+ number by the Humax, It as been reported that signals from duplicate channels can stop Accurate Recording from functioning correctly, also the Humax does not always allocate the strongest signal channel first, this results in poor reception on the ‘Main’ channels and better reception on the unused 800’s channels.

Perform a Manual Re-Scan
Note:- The following procedure will remove your recording schedule (but not recordings) and also your Favourites list so make a note of them before carrying out a re-scan.
  • Make a note of the 6 'Main' MUXs you need to keep (rejecting weaker signals)
  • Start an auto. channel re-scan e.g. Menu >> Settings >> Installation >> Automatic Search
  • Stop the auto. re-scan before any channels are found (This will clear all old channels)
  • Using the Noted 6 Mux. Channel numbers perform a Manual channel scan e.g. Menu >> Settings >> Installation >> Manual Search
  • NOTE the Hi Def. MUX requires the DVB-T2 transmission type all others require DVB-T
  • You will now have all the TV channels contained within the 6 MUXs with no duplicates

My question is How do I determine what are my 6 Main MUXs ?

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Thanks for the replies. With this information I have now successfully manually retuned.

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Where I live (North London/Hertfordshire borders), I receive a stonking signal from Crystal Palace, a good signal from Bluebell Hill, and an OK signal from somewhere in Sussex. Fortunately the Bluebell Hill and Sussex transmitters are on higher RF channels than CP, so I pull the antenna lead out once it's scanned the CP multiplexes :)