9200T display showing ---- after recent update?


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I am new here, so please be gentle! My name is Simon I live in Wrexham (North Wales) and I have had 9200T for years, and even though the ride has been bumpy the trusty 9200T has always come through in the end.

I purchased a Fox T2 when they came out, so the trusty 9200T was rehomed in the kitchen, which turned out to be great, as my good lady likes to experiment, oops I mean bake alot, so she can watch X fixer, strictly go away dancing etc, while she destroys the kitchen, leaving me in peace; and also not having to relive any of these programs at a later date on Fox T2.

The problem is, when the update happened recently, I noticed the 9200, which lives ontop of the kitchen cupboard, showing the update message scrolling across the screen for about one and half to two days (not sure exactly!) so i thought hmmm, I best turn it off and on again. After which it now just has ---- on the display and does not do anything. I have turned it off at the mains and disconnected the aerial, left it for a while then reconnected,and no joy, still the same. So with me being a novice, I am hoping that you kind people will help me get out of the woods and away from x factor, and have the trusty 9200T up and running again. Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like your software is not loading.

From what you have said, can I infer that you do not put your 9200T into standby?

Does your kitchen get hot when your good lady "destroys the kitchen"?

Does the disk drive power up when you start the 9200T?

Are you happy to open the box?

Hi Martin,

We do put it into standy, but on the odd occassion it does get left on!

The kitchen is very big and there is always a door open to another room. I also have a extractor fan in the kitchen, which helps. To be honest when the unit is located in the corner off the kitchen, it doesn't get hot. When the update was happening, I left it to it's devices, as I didn't want it to knacker up!

Yeah the disk drive whirls into life when I power it up. I have left it on for a couple of days, hoping that it would magically start working again! haha

I don't mind opening the trusty 9200T, after all it is one of mans best friends! so anything to try and save her.

Thanks for getting in touch, I am all ears as to what to tinker with inside the unit.

Kind Regards
There is an Edit option at the bottom of your posts to correct typos (seldom used by some).
Hi Martin,

Thanks for your help. Well I have tried the easy options, and unfortunately 'computer says no!'. So I will have to try the next step. I have had a quick look at what's involved, so I will dig out a cable and try it sometime, but due to full time work, homelife and also the fact I am in the last year of my part time degree, I think I will have to put it on the back burner for now. As with Christmas season coming, the TV in the kitchen is mostly on the music channels, (I think her food experiments are inspired by Christmas songs!), so for the moment, the humax can sit redundant in the corner and think about what it's done wrong!

When I do get chance to have a look I will and I will let you know the outcome. I would like to have a bash at it now, but then I would only feel guilty about not doing uni work.

Thanks again Martin.

Kind Regards