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9200T missing recordings and not filling the guide.

Discussion in 'PVR-9200 Freeview Recorder' started by Flingle, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. Flingle

    Flingle New Member

    My first post here, and I've not posted to Hummy.org for a few years as my 9200T proved rock solid until recently.
    Firstly, the HDD started getting more and more bad sectors. Fair enough, replace the drive...A new/refurbed 30 day warranty HDD was half the price of a refurbed 1 year warranty 9200TBX with 360 gig drive from Humax direct. So I opted for the latter.
    Secondly, as DSO rumbles through my area (Sutton Coldfield TX), the transmitted data stream is getting more complex....Hopefully it will simplify when the post DSO 5 muxes have stabilised, but I doubt it. This fatter data stream seems to cause the 9200 problems.
    Both boxes have identical hardware and software versions (1.00.23) so apart from the HDD they are the same.
    So has anyone else had the following experiences?
    The guide does not fully populate, some channels have no information in their guide entry. This can be rectified when you scroll down the guide to the channel, press OK and retune the box to said channel.
    The box does not start a timer recording on channel Y, as your tuned to channel Z. When you notice the box is not recording, you jump to channel Y to see if the programme has started...Then the box drops in to record, as it picks up the programmes ID code.
    Lastly, having two identical boxes allows some comparisons. The guides between them can be different, in that one is populated and the other partially populated. This situation is not consistent, and is not confined to one box been full while the other never fills. If both are put in to standby and left over night, then both are turned back on simultaneously. Then box A may have a full guide, while box B only partially fills, then after another standby/wait/turn on, this may reverse, or may not....
    When doing a search for a particular programme, one box may find 6 instances of a programme while the other only finds 2.
    I have contacted Humax and they have suggested returning the newer box for replacement. I don't think thats the problem, I think the 9200Ts microprocessor has finally run out of horse power, given the transmitted datastream has now got very large and complex. Any thoughts?
  2. BMAX

    BMAX Member

    I had similar problems during Winter Hill's DSO caused by channel changes in the mid period. All was returned to normal after the completion of the switch over.
    In the meantime, ensure that the boxes are tuned to the currently correct MUXs by checking on www.digitaluk.co.uk postcode checker (trade view).
  3. MartinLiddle

    MartinLiddle Super Moderator Staff Member

    This sounds as though your box is not tuned to a single transmitter. I suggest manually tuning using these instructions courtesy of Big-les over on DigitalSpy:

    "The reason for doing a Manual Search is to target the six (five after DSO) multiplexes coming only from your preferred transmitter. The UHF channel numbers for your six/five multiplexes (digital channels) from your preferred transmitter can be obtained from http://www.digitaluk.co.uk/postcodechecker/main/index/dummy/NA/yes, enter your post code and also tick the "I am in the aerial installation trade" box. Your UHF channel numbers are in the grey columns in the Coverage prediction section. The compass bearing for the available transmitters at your address are also shown so you can check to see which transmitter your aerial is actually pointing at. You should only use the transmitter that your aerial is pointing at.

    First you need to delete all existing channels.
    Menu > Edit Channels > Edit Channel Lists > Password (0000) and delete all TV channels, note there is a Select All button. Go to Group, select Radio and delete all the radio channels. Press Exit on the remote control and when invited save all the changes.

    You will now get a message saying No channels are available……, press OK. You should now be taken to the Installation menu, choose Manual Search. Select the first UHF channel number obtained from the digitaluk web-site for Channel (actually the order doesn’t matter) and press Search. When the search completes, Save. Select the next UHF channel number for Channel and press Search.....Save. Repeat this for all six/five UHF channel numbers and to finish press the Exit button. You will now find all your Freeview channels on their correct numbers with none in the 800 range. Good luck. "
  4. Graizer

    Graizer New Member

    As I have just commented elsewhere - Martin's solution has worked very well for me. I had just the same problem as Flingle and now no more - but not easy to type this with fingers crossed hoping saying this won't bring the nuisance back! LOL