A couple of suggestions for somebody with some time on their hands!


Was having a think of where the modding could go from here, and a few things crossed my mind that I wanted to throw open for people to have a think about how they could be impliments.

1) I was having a play around with the PlayOn server today, which for those that don't know basiclly allows you to view online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and many more via DLAN (on any DLAN client) or other interface if your box has an app for it. You can already access it via the DLAN client on the humax box, and hence in a crude way get netflix to work, but you obviously need to have a windows based PC running on it. How about writing a basic interface to access the server in a graphical way?

2) WebIf configurable portal links - maybe on the yellow button that has nothing on it yet???? So that we can add links to other web services on our network

Any anything else that people can think of to add to the list