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A new 1.02.07 EPG bug?

Saw a trailer for Wire In The Blood tonight so did a Keyword search to find it - but no matches. Looked through the EPG and there it was, next Mon ITV3, 22:30

Did some testing and found that if I enter 'wire' (no quotes), i.e. all lower case there is no match but if I enter 'WIRE' then it finds it (plus another couple of programmes with 'Wire' in them). It also works entering 'Wire'

I'm sure this didn't happen prior to the new SMS text entry, or on the 9200
Hmmm, I tried a few other searches and they all worked fine using all lower-case and they worked as expected. For some bizarre reason it only seems to be this one word 'wire' that's a problem. How strange :confused: