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a question for firmware developers

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
By "bootable Linux", you presumably mean something that could live-boot a PC? No. The Humax central processor is not x86 based, and I doubt booting from the USB is built into the hardware. If you want a graphical desktop you would need to work out how to drive the graphics hardware and provide drivers. Further, only a very light build of Linux would have enough resources to run.

In short, you might as well use what's there already, and settle for the command line.

Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
If I put a bootable linux - say centos or something - on a USB stick could the humax be made to boot it up as a live OS?
You really need a Firmware developer to answer this (I'm not one either), I guess you are referring to This Kind Of device, Rather than something that would boot from a P.C. USB stick as Centos is Linux


Super Moderator
Staff member
If I put a bootable linux - say centos or something - on a USB stick
could the humax be made to boot it up as a live OS?
You would need a special version of Linux compiled for the correct CPU architecture and with device drivers to access the Humax hardware. It could be done but what would you hope to achieve?
Thanks guys - pretty much why I addressed the subject line as I did.
I'm familiar with cross compilation etc. also my interest is in bootability rather than features such as GUI's
and large footprints. I mentioned centos merely as an example to the idea across.

If anyone has any further info on bootability of the hardware I'd welcome it.

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
I think it would take a special version of the firmware boot process to go and look for a bootable image on the USB.

However, taking one step back from a literal "boot from USB", we do already have a couple of special "boots": one to go into Maintenance Mode and another to start HDR Mode on a HD-FOX. Control is passed to a different image from the command line (or a script). You could start up a different executable in the same way.