Aborted manual decrypt - now can't decrypt files from "_original"


I started a manual decryption from the media browser. I assumed that it would continue in background if I left the progress bar page - I was wrong. I was left with a truncated file with only the start of the recording. I copied the originals back from the "_original" folder (all associated files) - but they still have the "dec" flag set, and I cannot initiate a new decryption. Is there anyway to tell the system that they are not decrypted so I can start it again?



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The .hmt file in the _original folder should not have the Dec flag set, is it possible you missed copying that one back?
The easiest way to fix this is to run the fixencflags diagnostic from the web interface diagnostics screen.

You can also reset the flag from the command line by changing to the right folder using the cd command and then using hmt +encrypted <file> - the command line can complete directory and file names for you via the Tab key. So, something like this:

humax# cd /media/My<press tab>V<press tab>
humax# cd Marval<press tab>            <-- just an example
humax# hmt +encrypted Mar<press tab>
with each press of tab, it will stop once there are multiple matches and pressing tab again will show them - you just need to enter enough for it to work out which one you mean and then press tab again.

If you want to run decryption in the background, you can select the checkbox next to the recording then choose 'Queue for decryption' at the bottom of the page.

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If you want to run an individual decryption in the background:
  1. WebIF >> Browse Media Files >> select recording(s) (tick the box to the left of the listing);
  2. (bottom of screen) Click box to right of "Queue for" and select "Decryption";
  3. Click "Queue for"
The process selected will be added to a queue for processing in the background, and you can leave it to get on with it. Click "View Queue" to monitor progress.

@af123: it would be nice if the queue process selection box was obviously a drop-down list, and defaulted to "select process" rather than Audio Extraction.


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it would be nice if the queue process selection box was obviously a drop-down list, and defaulted to "select process" rather than Audio Extraction.
Does yours really default to Audio Extraction? Mine defaults to the first one in the drop-down which is Ad-detection.
Mine also has the drop-downn symbol against it and so is "obviously" a drop-down list.

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So what's wrong with my installation then?


(iOS/Safari) There is a drop-down arrow, but only while the button and box is greyed out before a file is selected. If you don't get to the bottom of the screen until you have selected some files...
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And OK for me on Firefox, another Chromium based browser, IE8 and Opera before and after making the selection(s).

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