accessing the HDR from an HD


From some reading up it looks like you can't wake up the HDR remotely because the ethernet port isn't active when the HDR is in standby.
If I'd known that a while ago I may not have bought an HD to go in the bedroom (the HDR is in the lounge). The main reason I did buy it was to get a better quality of picture upstairs as the previous pvr in the lounge was connected to upstairs via coax, although it is split a few times, so the picture quality isn't the best.
Anyway, what method do people use to wake up the HDR so it can be viewed by the HD, aside from the obvious - go and turn it on by hand in the room it's in!
thanks, Owen.
Why turn it off? If you must turn it off, and you know what sort of time you want it on, set up a timer (Menu >> Settings >> Preferences >> Time).

I leave mine on, and to reduce disk activity tune to a closed-down channel (49 is a good one).

Alternatively use an IR wireless repeater to send RC commands from the bedroom to the living room (an AV repeater IR back-channel will do the job).
Why turn it off? - to save electricity?!

I currently have a magic eye connected to the coax cable upstairs which controls the HDR downstairs. As it stands the HD remote will control the HDR as well via the magic eye, which is not what I want. One option then would be to change the frequencies on the remotes, but that would mean taking the HDR remote upstairs as well. The other option in that situation is to not change the frequencies and put the magic eye out of normal sight, and just point directly at it very closely to turn the HDR on.