Adding timers via the Guide no longer work??


Hi folks,

I have a problem with my HDR-Fox T2 where if I am in the guide and hit record from there to add a schedule an entry will be added to the schedule list but it will never get picked up and nothing records.

If I simply hit the record button while watching a tv programme it will record fine so seems related to timers only!

Anyone notice this before?

Pressing "record" from within the guide should only allow you to start recording a current programme, even from a different channel.
As Black Hole says, pressing "OK" is the correct way to schedule a future programme to be recorded. This is covered in pages 30 - 31 of the user manual.
Thanks guys, I will try that when I get home!

The funny thing is, the Receiver appears to set the timer correctly and if you press the yellow button it is listed. The funny part is that it is never picked up. Possible bug perhaps?
Considering the way the Humax firmware "does its thing" I find that hard to believe. Confirm anyone?
Pressing "record" instead of "OK" in the guide (for a future programme) creates a record in the schedule database that does not get acted on.
I have tried the record button method from the guide on my HD-FOX T2 and it works. Both programmes scheduled have recorded.
Cheers 4291, strange that it works on the HD-Fox and not the HDR-Fox.

Thanks again, I'll try the ok approach later when I get home!
Sorry, you're in a minority of 1 so far. I've just tried it (HDR-FOX) and confirm the "record" button worked the same as "OK".

Are you sure you're on the latest firmware (1.02.20)?
I haven't had a chance to check so far, I'm away with work!

I'm not on the very latest firmware but the timers used to work for me, no idea why they have stopped. When I get home at the weekend I will try the ok approach from the guide and if that doesn't work I will update to latest firmware and check again.

Thanks again for the help!
I have just tried this on a HDR-FOX T2 and can also confirm that the Record button seems to have the same effect as the OK button when setting future timers via the guide.
I think there must have been some other factor that caused the recordings to fail, the record button seems the least likely explanation. Are you set to Accurate Recording by any chance? What channels were you trying to record?