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Alternative to Foxy

Black Hole

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Difficult to identify the "market" you are targeting. Anybody on CF no longer needs it, and anybody running Windows can use the existing package.

Where you could score is by building in an FTP client so that the app can browse the files resident on the HDR, and clear the protection flag in situ.


New Member
Hm, apart from an optional backup feature and no requirement for a 400mb+ install of dotnet (or anything else for that matter), it just about does the same as Foxy but with a smaller footprint. Thought it was a bit of a late entry. Oh well, works for me, anyway!

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Yes, maybe, and I have no desire to dis your efforts. The .Net framework is not a great issue, I'm sure most have it installed already for one reason or another.

I'm serious about the FTP access, if you can crack that it will be a genuine improvement.