Amazon Scam

Ezra Pound

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This Email from "Amazon" arrived Today, If they ever get a decent English spell checker / grammar checker a lot more people would fall for this kind of thing, the "Amazon" link actually points to :- juslns1<dot>jusl<dot>ac<dot>in


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I read somewhere recently that PDFs can carry a malware payload, eg the bogus delivery notes that come through email. I didn't think PDF was prone to this kind of thing.


Unfortunately yes. Adobe decided to go beyond a simple page layout language like Postscript, and to include insecure programming features. There is an article here:

Years ago there was much talk in the TeX community about whether to extend the language to include more file operations and the risk was thought to be too high.


Oh, jolly good! HTML5 is insecure too! So it isn't even safe to play a video on Youtube!