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Hi all,

I recently plucked up the courage to install the Custom Firmware after reading the many detailed and excellent documents on this Wiki. This also coincided with me moving to a new Motorola RAZRi android phone.

My previous phone, Nokia N8, had BBC iPlayer with full programme download functionality meaning I could easily watch programmes offline while out and about. The Motorola RAZRi however is not currently compatible with BBC iPlayer so to replace that I wanted to quickly and easily get recordings off of my HDR-T2 and onto my phone instead.

My previous method for this has been a) copy to USB HDD, b) FTP from USB HDD, c) copy via cable to phone. What a faff - and it doesn't even cover HD recordings. So I set about trying to find the best way to get recordings (including HD if possible) to my phone for offline viewing.

There are plenty of apps on Google Play allowing 'Play From' from the HDR-T2 (my favourite was 'Skifta' which just works and looks great). But this only works at home.

I found the article on the Wiki about downloading Standard Def files via UPnP very interesting "Download Standard Def File without USB Copy" and successfully used this a few times, but it still needed access to the PC as a middle step.

It did however point me in the right direction of trying to find an app which allows downloading via UPnP in one step (to replace the WGET step in the process above). And today I found that app - 'MediaHouse UPnP / DNLA Browser'

When the app starts, it lists devices you can 'Play To' and 'Play From'. Selecting 'Play From' will show your standard 'My Contents' folder tree. When you reach the .TS file, a single click will play the file via uPNP. The best bit for me though, is that a long-click will offer a 'Download' button allowing you to download the file to SD card and allowing this to be viewed anywhere.

The 'free' version works fine, but restricts the number of downloads per session, meaning you need to close/restart the app for more downloads.

So, for all my SD content I can UPnP download it direct from Humax to Phone and take it with me to watch. Quick and Easy!

This just leaves me the problem of HD content. This cannot be seen by MediaHouse, even after a FOXY on the .HTM file and a USB copy. I can however, FTP it direct to the phone after a FOXY (I use the 'AndFTP' client on Android) - although needing to FOXY on the PC annoys me! Are there any devs out there who can give as a FOXY for Android??

Hopefully, this will help anyone looking for a quick and easy way to get media from the HDR-T2 direct to their Android mobile.

Thanks to all who look after and contribute to - I have been a lurker for a long time and am constantly amazed at what you guys can do to get more out of this wonderful HDR-T2.

If you have installed the Custom Firmware you don't need Foxy any more, have a look at the encryption page of the WiKi HERE, auto-unprotect will remove the ENC flag which will then enable decryption using decrypt, auto-decrypt, DLNA steaming etc.
With the CF installed, install the auto-unprotect package (this will do the Foxy bit), wait for the file to be automatically allocated the DLNA symbol DLNA-small.jpg then use the long-click 'Download' in MediaHouse UPnP / DNLA Browser. I have just tried this and it works very well, you will need an android player that can handle Hi-Def content, I used MX Player
I have a 10.1 inch tablet, on that you can definitely see the difference, on a phone, it's down to the number of pixels the display has, if it has more than 720X576 then yes if not, then no
Black Hole : auto-unprotect does more than Foxy, and is necessary for UPnP access to HiDef recordings. Foxy alone is not sufficient
So the auto-unprotect package will do the Foxy bit then ! !
Your posts did not make it clear there is more to it than just Foxy, or that Foxy makes HiDef copyable to USB but not downloadable by DLNA (except by reference to the Wiki).
Woah woah woah!

Thank you for the information about 'auto unprotect'. I have added it to the custom firmware and will test it out tomorrow. As for watching HD on a phone, I don't know yet cos I haven't seen it. However, I'll also be setting up a Nexus7 tablet in the same way and I expect I'd see some difference.

Anyway, its not so much about the quality - if I record a programme in HD and don't get the chance to enjoy it on the TV, I'd still like the ability to view the HD file elsewhere using this method. Hope that explains it for PRPR.

Did you guys already know about/use Media House?