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I have a personal domain and web hosting for £37.62 pa (as at this year). The web hosting gives me loads of alias email addresses (I have 50 at the moment). I use Thunderbird which allows me to set multiple From addresses.
Although I appreciate I am 'stuck' with the web hoster, at least I have no problem if/when I change my ISP. For this reason I feel it is money well spent.
I have basically the same though I'm sure I pay more, and I have several domains.

But my domains are not specific to the web hoster, so I am not stuck with them. In fact I've considered moving on a few occasions as I no longer really need most of the non-email services now, but never found a deal that was significantly cheaper.
Having been with them for 20+ years and being happy with the reliability, etc, I suppose in a way I am stuck. :dunno:

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Being an early adopter is a disincentive to incremental improvement. All the money goes on kit while it is expensive and low performance, then when the cheap high-performance kit comes along (a) there's nothing in the kitty; (b) it's a massive job to rip out the old and install the new; and (c) there is reduced demand because there is some provision even if it isn't world-beating provision. Also, the "developing" countries might well be recipients of foreign largess - suppose we applied for a UN grant (or whatever) to upgrade our national telecoms infrastructure?

I do wonder what people want 100Mbps Internet for - other than pure time-wasting entertainment.


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The minimum, median and average internet speed in a country are better indicators than the maximum. If Virgin has the highest speed in the UK, you have to factor in that for 46% of us it isn't an option. Similarly fttp.