Any recommendations for editing .ts files?



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Yes, because this topic has now been moved to the relevant forum section - the link was only to the forum section, so surely you should be able to find that?!
Thanks, I can now. Some of us find it hard looking at a deleted link and knowing where it pointed! ;)
But thanks for your help. Have tried VRD, which is excellent, but not (for my purposes) worth the $100 compared with the free HDTVtoMPEG2 (less precise but quite adequate). Shame HDTVtoMPEG2 doesn't accept .m2ts.

This was my first posting on and I'm glad I did. Thanks to all who contributed. I'm a much happier man than a few days ago!:)



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Update on my April 9th post about using Avidemux to edit .ts files on a pc. I've now modified and speeded up this process, though I must say that downloading the file from the net is still quicker if you know where to find it.

So: gear as before, but now 'upgraded' to W10. No need for recoding with Handbrake; instead you'll need MKVToolnix. I found that the audio in Hummy .ts files recoded with Handbrake tended to drift out of sync after the first ad break for some reason.

Assuming you have downloaded the decrypted HD file from the Hummy, the process is:
1) Open the file with MKVToolnix. Remux it to an mkv file. This is necessary because Avidemux can't handle the Hummy's audio stream in the original .ts file. Time: approx 2-3 minutes, assuming a standard 45-60 minute programme.
2) Open the resulting file in Avidemux and edit it as described previously. Use only the key-frame cut points if you want a clean file with no pixelating at the joins. Save as mkv or mp4 as preferred. Time taken approx 3-4 minutes per file once you've done it a couple of times and are up to speed.

I found it necessary to close Avidemux and restart it for each file, otherwise it throws an error - might be just my setup. The resulting file is at the original resolution and quality and any frames lost at the cuts are unnoticeable unless you're really looking hard for them.

Afterthought: the $95 for VideoReDo is suddenly a lot more than it used to be....
Avidemux can't handle the Hummy's audio stream in the original .ts file.....
There’s a chance you might not need part 1 of your process, even for HD files. Until about a year ago I was able routinely to use Avidemux to do the whole job but suddenly I had problems with audio - completely garbled sound. I traced this to an upgrade of Avidemux (they had made changes to how AAC audio was handled) and established by trial and error that the problems began with versions after 2.6.6 and persisted for all later versions (but I haven’t tried the latest one). I suggest giving 2.6.6 a try; old versions of Avidemux are available from the Videohelp website.

SD files never present a problem and now that I have reverted to 2.6.6 I normally have no difficulty with HD files.

The only exceptions are films that have 5.1 sound but the .ts file has stereo for a short period at the beginning. The workaround is to set a bookmark at the very instant the film begins and use the ‘crop’ function in Webif to chop out the lead-in portion. In these cases as long as the .ts file starts in 5.1 sound Avidemux deals correctly with switches to stereo during commercials and back to 5.1 for the next part.

Hope this helps!


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Interesting. The stereo/5.1 transition may also explain why a Hummy .ts file recoded with Handbrake has trouble with the sound. Typically, the sound starts off in sync and then drops about 300ms out after the first ad break. A remuxed file recodes perfectly in Handbrake. So it seems it's not just Avidemux that struggles with the hummy's audio output.

To be honest, I think it's less trouble to remux with MkvToolnix than to crop in the webif, which I've always found a frustrating and inexact process.
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