Anyone having a problem with iPlayer on HDR 2000T?

Victor Delta

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Is anyone else having iPlayer problems?

Since Sunday, when I try to access mine, the white arrow rotates very rapidly and I eventually get a message saying there is a temporary problem (01100). However, the BBC News player works perfectly on the Humax portal and an iPlayer on another bit of hardware works fine too.

Any ideas please?
It is fine on the HDR-FOX, which probably uses the same servers. I have noticed that iPlayer has just been updated to allow regional programming: I wonder if this is a coincidence? Does the HDR-2000T have a hidden menu like the HDR-FOX? If so you could try deleting the cookies and DRM data.
Not sure about hidden menu - how do you access the Fox one? I guess the alternative would be to delete the app and reinstall it. Funny that no one else seems to be having the problem though.
Thanks. Yes, the 2000T does have a similar hidden menu which is accessed in exactly the same way as the Fox. I deleted the cookies and DRM data but it hasn't made any difference. iPlayer still not working although BBC Sport and BBC News are fine.

Any further ideas please?
The next thing I would do is to 'reset to factory defaults'. As long as you don't select the 'format HDD' option you will keep your recordings. This will wipe settings and databases from the flash memory and you will have to set the machine up again from scratch: you'll go back to the installation wizard. Make a note of your recording schedule as this will be wiped too. If you have to tune manually to prevent duplicate channels (in the 800s) you can quit the tuning part of the wizard and do this at the end.
Victor Delta said:
Anyone having a problem with iPlayer on HDR 2000T?
I can't answer that, but I do have an HDR-2000T and its iPlayer for TV is fine.
Before applying the nuclear solution - reset to factory defaults - I accessed the myHumax website and spotted that there was no device recorded (even though most Portal apps were still working...). So went through the registration code process again and re-added the 2000T and, low and behold, the iPlayer now works properly again.

Not sure what could have caused the device to de-register itself but am glad I've found a solution to the problem (just in time for Christmas too!).