App Market


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Just realised its now possible to install apps from the app market.

Found it was possible after installing 1.03.06 and was testing it out - have been registered for a while but last time I checked it was not possible to install new apps

Only 12 apps to choose from so not that exciting but functionality works well

Includes Twitter and Vilanoiise a streaming video channel

Facebook seems to be on its way though not working at the moment
Yes, the App. Market has been open a while now, I'm not sure 1.03.06 brings any advantages over previous releases as the App. Market works without it. Registering your Humax doesn't bring any benefit either as fas as I can see, as Apps. install with out that. 1.03.06 does use the Opera browser which means BBC-Iplayer is displayed differently and the new browser also works with YouTube which currently crashes on earlier releases