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I find this a useful feature when cropping files for future viewing, but often it can't find the end position and puts in a bookmark in at the start of the recording. Could it be tweaked so that if this is the case it either puts in no bookmark, or puts one in at the end of the file?
I have uploaded a portion of my auto.log file. I was incorrect, it finds the end of the programme but still places the second bookmark at 0 seconds. This has happened on several different occasions now.


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Yes, I found the update to stripts a bit later and have installed it. I looked through my auto.log file: the problem only seemed to happen on hd channels, except for ITV hd for some reason? The unit has autodecrypted a couple of programmes on BBC One hd today (post stripts update) and the autobookmarking worked fine. I'll keep an eye on it and post again if I have any more problems. Thanks to all for helping.
I didnt notice this bug in most standard def freeview recordings. But on looking I see it was there for some hi-def recordings. Stripts 1.2.4 seems to be working o.k. now

I checked for hidef recordings made in the past and the looking at the autolog entries before the stript update the end bookmark was at 0 seconds (End:0).

24/08/2013 22:17 - Found start of programme at packet 688758 (pos 132241536/7e1d880)
24/08/2013 22:17 - Found end of programme at packet 14927519 (pos 2866083648/aad4f740)
24/08/2013 22:17 - Start: 150s, End: 0
24/08/2013 22:17 - Processed in: 15.12s

Since stripts was updated the problem seems to have been sorted. This is the autolog entry for the next programme in that series and stripts 1.2.4 was installed.

31/08/2013 22:36 - Found start of programme at packet 219012 (pos 42050304/281a300)
31/08/2013 22:36 - Found end of programme at packet 13899270 (pos 2668659840/9f108480)
31/08/2013 22:36 - Start: 61s, End: 3176s
31/08/2013 22:36 - Processed in: 16.53s
Hi, I've been having some odd problems with ARbookmarks. SD content seems fine but HD content seems to do one of two things, either the second bookmark is put in right at the end of the file, or is put in way too early (e.g. 20 mins into a 2 hour programme). I've attached some log entries to highlight the problem. I am currently on stripts 1.2.5: I'm not sure what version was running when the problems occurred, but my installation is configured to autoupdate installed packages.


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I am regularly finding that, with HD content, the second bookmark is placed right at the end of the file. This is fine unless you want to edit the file further as I have not found a simple way of removing it: if you let it play and hit the bookmark key right at the end you just end up with an extra bookmark with the same timestamp. The only workaround I have found is to crop the file and then edit this.