Art Work for MP4 files on USB drive

Darren Edmunds

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I was wondering if anyone could please help.

I have a stand alone Humax (i.e. no network or internet access) in the kids play room and I have plugged into the back a 500Gb (ext3) hard drive with about 80 - MP4 films on it.

Everything works fine and so far, I have not found a film that will not play but my question is, how can I get it to display the films artwork rather than just a grey square?
My youngest is only 5 and loves Frozen (his latest 'most favourite in the world' film!) but has to ask us each time he wants to watch it because he cannot yet read the title names in order to find it himself.

I have all the artwork in JPG format and it is also imbedded in the MP4 File.

If it helps, each film is just loaded into the root of the hard drive and I am not using any sub folders (and I would rather not use sub folders for the same reason).

Many Thanks
As far as I know you can't.

The thumbnails for recordings are picked up from a <recording name>.thm file that make up part of the file set (.ts, .hmt, .nts). The standard Humax operating firmware creates the .thm from the first frame in the .ts, the first time you play the file or the first time the HDR-FOX starts up from standby after the recording was made. The custom firmware provides a means to create an alternative thumbnail from somewhere more appropriate in the recording, eg a title frame rather than the channel logo!

What you could do is use AV2HDR to turn your MP4 into a TS file set, and then the Humax will pick up the .thm file and display it in the media list (and you can make your .thm whatever you want as described above).