Aspect Issue: Streaming AVI's from a NAS over Homeplug


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Morning! As the title suggests, my query is has anyone solved the issue of aspect ratios not working correctly when streaming TO the Hummy? Not tried the 4:3 trick yet, but I don't really want to switch to these settings on the Hummy every time i stream. Hopefully there is a better suggestion. Running a customised firmware (no version number to hand at mo)

Thanks in advance.
What, you mean 2.35:1 source material? No. The only alternative is for you to re-encode it into 16:9 with black bars top and bottom filling the frame (letterbox).

The custom firmware offers macro functions that can be allocated to buttons on the remote that you have no other need for (or via a web browser interface you could run on a tablet or smart phone, for example), which could be used to make the 4:3 fudge a one-button operation.
Thanks for the reply. The Custom mapping would do fine rather than re-encoding as I like the format they are in at the moment. Will need to look into that. Thanks :) SO i set output of Hummy to 4:3 and then the wide button works?