aspect ratio problem on live TV


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Watching Robin Hood on CH4 today I found that when first switching to that channel the aspect ratio was OK.But after about 20 sec the screen would push the picture to the top and bottom causing the images to be stretched. I have a panasonic Viera TV connected to the HDR and watching the same channel through the TV source the aspect ratio is OK but through the HDR it seems to loose the correct aspect ratio after a few secs. This is only Live TV and not the same prob I have seen on the forum with streaming etc. Both the TV and HDR aspect ratio settings are set to auto. The only way I can improve the situation is to set the Panny TV aspect ratio to 16:9. But this can mess up other channels.

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The TV setting is irrelevant (I think). I don't find the "Auto" aspect on the HD/HDR-FOX very useful, basically it means "take whatever comes in and stretch it to fill the output frame". All broadcast video is either 16:9 or 4:3 (widescreen films are broadcast including the top and bottom black bars), and the "Pillarbox" setting fills the vertical space with the video and allows black space to fill the sides as necessary - this is what you want.

If "Pillarbox" doesn't crack it, then consider the TV settings.

Note that (particularly the secondary channels) sometimes the broadcast flags are not correct and 4:3 material gets stretched to 16:9. This particularly happens when a 16:9 advert break should switch back to 4:3 for the actual programme.

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