[at] Version 3.1.13 released - new package


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I've just had the at daemon package published to hummypkg. This is my first attempt at a package, so please do let me know if it gives any issues.

This is the UNIX at command and atd daemon, which allow for scheduling of one-off commands to be run when specified. I find this useful for scheduling big downloads (Linux ISOs etc) during the night, which does not count towards my broadband usage.

This was a pig to compile: I used the Ubuntu source package, needed to find lisp.h and sysfile.h from an emacs distribution, and had to compile the client on my PC's cross-compiler (otherwise wouldn't generate the queue file names) and the rest directly on the Humax (otherwise wouldn't work at all).

Installing the package will install an init.d script for atd and also start the daemon automatically.
As a point of information for other readers, there is the transmission package for off-line downloading of files available as torrents.