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Audio button ???? on remote



Can anyone please advise on the button to the right of OPT on remote.........loudspeaker type icon which according to page 8 of manual is audio list.
I have copied audio files but none come up.
Also when button is pressed I get English on top them L and R speaker icons which seem to change configuration at each press of OK.

Hopefully I am not being too dumb but I cannot find any info at all




Well-Known Member
This is used to select a different audio track. Normally this is used on some programmes to provide an Audio Description (AD) for the visually impaired. It is also used on the interactive channels (e.g. 301) to provide an alternative commentary on some sporting events (e.g. F1). These are usually accessed by the red button but can be recorded and then selected using this audio button.


Thanks. probably not one I'll use but at least now I know.