Audio Format Not Supported

Can anyone shed some light on this problem.

I have an MP4 video recorded on my phone which plays fine on the Humax. I have edited it using Nero Vision 10 to make some cuts and then resaved it as an new MP4 file which plays fine on both of my PCs. The audio track was created using Audition 3 and saved as MP3. However, when I try to play the new video on the humax it plays with no sound and the message "Audio Format Not Supported" (or words to that effect).
Here's the metadata for the audio.
Audio Format: MP3
Duration : 00:35:04
Sample Rate: 44.1kHz
Bit Rate: 127.71Kbps
Channel: Stereo

Any thoughts or suggestions?
Good thinking DOH !!! There is a difference.
Audio Format - AAC
Sample Rate - 48Khz
Bit Rate - 125Kbps
Channel - Stereo

But don't know if that's the problem?
Ho ho - any idea why it should make a difference? Hummy plays the MP3 audio file OK.
I'm now redoing the video as an AVCHD (only chosen as it has an A and a C in it!!) saved as Mpeg4. Interesting to see if the sound is in AAC format. Just checked and my Audition cannot convert MP3 to AAC. If I find a converter and convert the sound track to AAC do you think that will work?
Will report back in 3hr 51mins when completed!!!
Just a question of what the Humax expects to see in any particular situation.

Not sure, but I think VLC will be able to convert to the format you require.
Thanks Black Hole.
So just what does it expect to see? I've downloaded an AAC codec for my Nero which I will install shortly when it's finished making the current movie test. Out of interest I tried to find a codec for my Audition 3 but it seems it will not support "multichannel files". Is that the root cause? I made the movie and selected 2 channel perhaps I should chose 5:1 ?????????????
Aaaaha - another forum. Once i found I didn't look any further.

That's a very useful list - so t'would appear MP4 video with MP3 audio don't work. Nero just made it like that??? Any idea why it would play OK in Windows Media Player? Is the MP4 / MP3 combination an acceptable format but just NOT recognised by the Humax?

Thanks again - slowly learning!!!

Is the MP4 / MP3 combination an acceptable format but just NOT recognised by the Humax?
Yes, not that I know an awful lot about it myself, but these "container" formats define how the audio and video (sometimes more than one, and other types of stream) are packed inside, and then the streams themselves can be the product of a variety of codecs. So not only does the media player need to know how to unpack the streams, it also has to know what to do with them once unpacked. Lots of permutations.
Hello Black Hole and all.

OK - so AVCHD may not have been the best format. Took ages and turned the original 700Mbish file into 4.5Gigs!! Seems this is blueray standard!! Looking at the video stream it had produced a file with .m2ts extension. I chucked it on a usb stick but Humax did not see the file. Looking at the metadata the Video is AVC and the Audio AC3 and refering to the media playback chart I took a hunch and changed the file extension to .avi and VOILA. Humax sees it on the USB stick and plays perfectly with sound.

Now going to try some other formats and report back.