Aura UHD android TV recorder November launch

That's a bit of a u-turn innit?

Like I said before, good used HDR-FOXes are still available (I've bought a couple myself).

Ha well possibly. I guess I meant that did not really want to buy something new if it could turn out to be an easy fix. Having said that if its broke then I need to replace it. My concern with second hand is knowing what you are getting. The prices seam quite high for second hand Fox T2's still and if is turns out that the issue was never with my box but something else I have no way of returning.

At least with buying something new if it does not work it can go straight back.

Bought the 9200T when it came out then upgraded to the Fox T2 to get HD. As a result quite happy to stick with Humax so it looks like it is possibly one of these or a FVP-5000T.

Its just a case of working out the best one to get. The Aura feels like it might be more future proof.
I have had 2 x 9200s and currently have 1 x HD Fox-T2, 1 x HDR Fox-T2 and a TVonics HD500. I bought an Aura to provide access only to terrestrial TV catch-up services and, at the same time, replace the HDR Fox-T2 which will not go on forever.

So far, I have been happy with the product. Yes, it does operate differently from the Fox-T2s but that's a question of learning a new way of working and we do that all the time.

Recently it failed to stop recording a lunchtime Ch5 programme and it failed to stop when the recording was selected and told to stop. Putting the unit into low-power standby stopped the recording.

There are things I would want changed:

1. The use of LEDs to indicate the operating state of the unit is ridiculous as it appears I can switch them off completely;
2. The colour difference to my eyes (aged > 70) of 'Red' = Standby and 'Orange' = Standby and Recording is too subtle;
3. There is no warning when you have an active recording and you press the power button for a fraction too long and the low-power standby confirmation window appears. If you are not aware of a planned recording or it has been re-scheduled confirming the low-power state will stop the recording.
4. Modify the audio level control so that it is more graduated. The current difference between one setting and the next means the real control must be with the TV Remote which defeats the idea of a 'Universal Remote'.

I am learning more about this unit every day and will adapt my use of it as I find ways to achieve what I found to be comfortable with the Fox-T2.

Irrespective of the above I believe that the Aura is perfectly good PVR and, for me, a Smart Catch-Up TV Box. I do not want premium streaming services.
The ability to move recordings into folders would be handy. My playback menu is already a total mess. On my panasonics I can select several recordings and create a folder to hold them, eg, films.

There is also no way of be editing the recordings on the box, eg, top and tail, remove adverts, combine or split by recordings, hide acorns.
There is also no way of be editing the recordings on the box, eg, top and tail, remove adverts, combine or split by recordings, hide acorns.
Was there ever such a function provided by Humax?
Hold that thought. My retired 9150T allowed remove bits and split. The only problem was it often removed just a bit more than you asked it to! There were no acorns though, just a few games.
The ancient Humax single tuner PVR-8000T was similar: minor editing of programmes, and some basic games were on that box too.
My old analogue PVR had editing functions, but I suspect the problems with the editing provided on early digital PVRs persuaded the makers it wasn't worth the hassle. There is no way to edit a DVB stream cleanly unless you first convert it to a more amenable format.
Given that, though, panny got it pretty good.

Given that the Aura has such a superior way of stepping through a recording on playback (press directionup and you get snapshots at 10 second intervals) I would think most of the work already done.
Sent an email to support ingot this reply which might be of interest to some.

The Aura app will be released later in January.

We have approcached Netflix about allowing us to use their app on our Aura but unfortunately they have declined. We will continue to pursue them but at the moment it is Netflix's decision.
How strange. Are Humax or Freeview Play charging Netflix too much?
Has anyone been through this?

Just tried it - copied the specified version of the Netflix APK (6.26.1_build_15_31696-31696) into my OneDrive and then used File Commander to copy it to my Downloads folder and install.
It installed and ran ok (letting me log into my Netflix account) but I wasn't able to go any further because it didn't respond to the Humax remote's cursor keys or OK button. Strange.
Maybe someone else could try using an air mouse?
Box locked up yet again last night, recording some stuff. It powered on to a blank screen. Another restart is due!
Did it still record the stuff, regardless of needing a restart? I guess no, but just to be sure...
Yes, and when I checked this morning, it started normally, so no need to restart it. Very puzzling, different symptoms each time.
Switched it on again. This time no sound, no picture. Went to home screen and started the Live TV app and it sprang to life. Why on earth would that app have stopped?
Because it's Android. There are downsides to running this stuff as a user-level app instead of as the root process.
And Android has closed a foreground app in sleep mode? That has never, ever, happened to me on my phone. When I wake it up, I wake it up looking the way it looked when I shut it down.

Except when there has been an update. I am still perplexed. Sometimes the live tv app has crashed, sometimes the ui.