Auto decrypt stopped working

Stephen Nickell

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I have just noticed that the autodecrypt stopped working about a month ago. Logs had stopped at about the same time, but the box was still recording/playing as normal. I have tried reinstalling the latest firmware and everything apart from decrypt seems to be working - the decrypt option on recordings made in the last month is greyed out, and there is a message in the recmon log
"/mod/sbin/recmon: can't load library ''"

Any suggestions? How do I reintall the libinotifytools?


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How do I reintall the libinotifytools?
From a telnet client session:
humax# opkg --force-reinstall install inotify-tools
just noticed that unencrypt isn't in the installed packages and isn't available for download.
You need auto-unprotect for HD. Everything else is handled by the WebIf automatic processing.