Auto Decrypted File not showing on dlna


For some reason auto decrypted HD recordings do not show via dlna unless I turn off media sharing, rebuild the dnla database and turn media sharing back on. Any ideas why?

I'm on CFW 3.02 and use various programs to access dlna with the same result, upnp inspector, vlc, kodi etc etc. They are flagged on non enc in webif

Ezra Pound

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DLNA indexing is carried out by the Humax periodically, not continuously, any file that has been DLNA indexed will have this icon DLNA-small.jpg
displayed next to it in Web-If >> Browse Media Files, however if the file is changed in any way, e.g. re-named, moved, decrypted etc. it will lose it's original DLNA index and will have to wait for the Humax to re-allocate a new one, this is initiated at boot-up and periodically when the Humax is out of standby, it will not happen instantly
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