Auto Delete short recordings


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I set up series recordings for most of the programmes we want to view just in case we don't catch them live. If we do see them live, I cancel the recording shortly after it starts but this leaves lots of short recordings cluttering up the recording list.

A Sagemcom box I used to have didn't save recordings less than a minute long.

Would it be possible to create a package in the customised firmware that periodically looked through the recording list and delete any that were less than 5 minutes long? Or does something already exist?
If I remember correctly, the Humax won't save recordings less than 30 seconds.

The first thing that strikes me is "why bother?" Let the recording complete, delete it at your leisure.
The "why bother" is to reduce the clutter in the recordings list and reduce the effort of remembering have we already seen this programme
I'm not fast enough to stop recordings within 30 seconds!