Auto-expire deletes unwatched programmes?


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Hey guys

I have only just found the auto-expire option you can apply to folders (dont know how I missed that).

I just applied it to one folder for an expiry date of 7 days, however it deleted programmes in that folder which have not yet been watched.
Is this right? Is there a way you can stop it delting unwatched programmes? Otherwise what if I go on holiday and get behind etc?

Yes, that's what it does. It's for programmes which become stale anyway, eg news and weather bulletins. I see no relevance for other programmes - there is little hardship in deleting a programme when you've watched it. It could be given an option to inspect the "new" flag, but how would it know whether you have finished watching the recording? The new flag only knows that you have not played the recording at all.

If you use the undelete package you will have another week (depending on free disk space) to rescue any files deleted by auto-expire.

PS auto-expire is a relatively new addition.
Hi All,

Thanks very much for the details - didn't realise there was an auto-mp3 and auto-expire thing already setup via webif - that's great news. Have set it up and so thanks again

It might be worth trying to play an MP3 file produced using extract-to-MP3 or Enable-auto-audio as they both extract without conversion. The resulting file is a type of MP3 that is not accepted by all MP3 players, for conversion you would need the command line detailed HERE
It ought to say extract to MP2 audio then there wouldn't be confusion. On Black Hole does it default on undelete to retain for one week. I set mine for one day so as to give me a buffer for mistakes. I don't use the stale programme option.