auto-flags extension package


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This package automatically enables Auto-Decrypt and Auto-Shrink by creating the .autodecrypt and .autoshrink flag files in any folder the machine creates as a result of Series Link recordings.
It does not touch any folders whose names start with '[' or '.', nor does it touch anything in the Bin if the "undelete" package is installed.

Available here at the moment:

Manual installation instructions:
1) telnet to your Humax box
2) cd /mod/tmp
3) wget <removed>
4) opkg install auto-flags_1.0.0_mipsel.opk

You can remove it by
1) opkg remove auto-flags
2) rm /mod/tmp/auto-flags_1.0.0_mipsel.opk
or use the web interface to uninstall it.

Edit: Now withdrawn as obsoleted by recent changes to Web Interface.
I think I should issue a health warning. Habitually decrypting and shrinking is going to have consequences.

The steps are these:
  1. Programme records to disk (encrypted);
  2. After completion, wait for DLNA indexer to register it;
  3. Use DLNA server to stream and capture the recording to a new file (decrypted), delete original and rename copy;
  4. Stream the decrypted recording through ffmpeg to a new file (stripping unwanted content), delete original and rename copy.
That has increased the disk duty cycle by a factor of 5, and decreased the reliability of a good copy at the end by a factor of 5.

In addition, there are new constraints imposed on the on/off button - in theory Autodecrypt and Autoshrink should detect an aborted process and clean up next time, but how often do you want to take that risk? What happens if you are playing a part-processed file, and the processing wants to delete the copy you are watching?

These processes are not intended for universal application. For decrypting everything (arguably useful, but only for remotely accessing them on a network mount) there is unencrypt, which runs on a defined schedule in the crontab and can be set to run at convenient times (or at least be aware of its consequences). In itself it increases the duty cycle by x3. Shrink is only something you need for keeping selected recordings long-term, no point at all for something that will be watched and then deleted.